Charlotte (Music box Faberge`)

Charlotte is on her way to Miami, and will exhibit next month at the Bazel Art Fair.


She is a 52cm porcelain `Faberge` type doll with a Music box mechanism installed in her stomach, turning a 3cm tall carousel at her upper waist.

For a glimpse at the turning carousel please scrawl to the video below.

For inquiries about her please contact Copro Galley directly.

More photos soon available in the Gallery section on-site.


Moonglass (and waiting list)

Moonglass – because the ceramic looks like what the moon is made of (the pearly/silvery one in the night sky). And `glass` because of the great level of translucency possible to achieve with it.

I had this name in my heart over the last months, and since everyone that heard it and saw the casts seemed to agree, and since my father seems to like it too, that`s what it`s called from now on!

Thank you for all the lovely mails and congratulations wishes about this new material, and waiting list requests!

I am now trying to reply all mails, but it`s taking quite a toll on my time, so please if you would like to be on the waiting list, and be the first to be able to order the first Moonglass dolls, please send your mail with `Moonglass waiting list` in the title, and I will automatically add you to the waiting list. So please rest assured, that If you sent a mail (preferably my hotmail address) you are already on this list, even if I did not reply right away :)

Some Moonglass traits:

high casting detail, cold and heavy to the touch, can be cast as thin as porcelain, high translucency, shatter resilient, strong (comparable to the strength of most rigid plastics), non toxic (but not a children`s toy, these are collectible dolls), green to the environment.

There seems to already be some rumor about the dolls being unbreakable  - this is untrue, and I do not claim this – please no throwing of dolls on the floor, I put allot of work into them!  but yes, unbreakable for all practical purpose of normal use, and yes, no shattering on any unfortunate collision impact.

Edit: answering questions: yes it is Ceramic, and no, not a plastic :)

Exciting News!

I`ve been away from the internet and this blog for the last few months, as you may have noticed. I was planning to start an order for two type of dolls the last months, but due to many turns of events, including some health issues, catching up with orders, and then the work for my coming exhibition this Christmas were all getting in the way.

But then there was actually one more thing happening, a beautiful and exciting thing, that I was hoping for and working for, for months and then just one day, suddenly happened (I`m sorry I could not keep you updated about it until now).

For years I`ve been very much frustrated with the materials that I had available to work with as a doll maker.

My love for beautiful porcelain brought me though a tough and sometimes heartbreaking road of learning its secrets, and gaining experience to be able to master it,

Once I have been able to make porcelain my own, the beauty of it was giving me happiness and content I never felt before towards an art medium. However I have learnt to know that though all would agree that porcelain is the loveliest material, many people seem apprehensive about it, fearing the dreaded heartache in the case that it might heaven forbid, fall and shatter.

For years I have been boggled with this question; would it not be possible to come up with a strong durable and shock resistant material that would also share the immortal beauty of porcelain ?

Today I feel extremely excited and proud to be able to say YES!!

I could hardly believe it myself, but yes, it is possible.

My brilliant father , that happens to be a chief chemist as well as a darling of a  man, came to my rescue. With his great expertise and my ceramic knowledge, we came up with a brand new ceramic material, which completely outshone my expectations.

I was hoping for something that would be as nice and as long lasting as porcelain, but to my incredible delight, we could actually come up with a material that is entirely beautiful in it`s own right. Featuring such versatility, grater grades of translucency, and then in contrast to it`s pure and fragile looks, it has strength and yes, unlike most ceramics, it has shock resistance, and will not shatter. Added to this, it is high grade archival, and will keep a long lasting if not eternal beauty.

I paint this new material with my china paints, they are permanently bonded to the ceramic, never fading or pealing. The material itself, I repeat – is shock absorbing.

We are now in the process of patenting this invention, and this is also part of the reason why this announcement took some time to appear on this blog, but I plan to show first pieces cast in it this Christmas, and finally start thinking of making an official order, somewhere next year (?).

I`ve taken some photos of two head samples cast in this ceramic (still looking for a name for this material!). The head on the left has a pearl like natural finish, while the head on the right is almost transparent. Both are cast in the same material, with a different finishing technique.

Below you will also see the pearl face painted with china paints.The painting itself is rough, as I was only thinking of it as a test when working, but the photos came out nice enough, so I decided to publish them as well.

I think we can all get pretty excited now, I know I am. My mind is racing these days with all the beautiful things I could now create, taking advantage of all it`s beautiful new qualities, and well, it evokes such lovely names I cannot choose which to use. I must think!

By the way, with all that have been happening, I`ve been very bad and neglected my mail box almost entirely of late! If you have been sending questions about orders etc.I will try to get back to you soon, I might even be able to start a waiting list for this new ceramic, if you write to me about it, just depending on the time I can make to take the orders…





New Order for Marmites

This week I completed a doll order  for two large marmite type body dolls in porcelain, and am so in love with them, that I`m actually thinking of conducting a reproduction cast order for them next month,  as well.

(I will introduce the reproduction cast option on this blog next month).

* More photos at the gallery sectionOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a new girl and a new order

I haven`t been in full health the lately which did cause a delay for the next planed doll reservation order,
but I have been keeping busy where possible, so there should be updates about that happening in the next weeks/month :))

Anastasia & Alexei

Alexei & Anastasia

Both the dolls are one of a kind, 22cm tall,  have painted eyes and attached hairstyles in Mohair.

Anastasia is hand carved/built porcelain fired with a permanent pearl like finish. her headpiece is carved sea shell jeweled with crystals.
Alexei is enameled and silver plated porcelain.
He wears a silk cap and an articulated hand piece in the shape of a lobster (crayfish).

They arrive with two stands, and a wooden framed glass display box 45x33x46cm in size.

Both will be on display and for sale starting next month via Copro Gallery, during `Scope` New York 2014 Art fair.
Please contact the gallery for purchase inquiries.
More photos available on the site gallery

 *The story of Anastasia & Alexei*

For almost a century Alexei and Anastasia Romanov (the youngest 2 of the 5 children of the last Russian Czar ), were believed to have escaped the massacre of their family in 1918. Many people claimed to be their decedents over the years, and the mystery became even fiercer when the family grave was found with two children missing (a boy and a girl).

Finally their bones were discovered  2007, solving this misery, and  making it obvious that sadly, they could not escape).
Their bones are now kept by the Russian church as `saint relics`.

I was very moved by their story, as well as by the romanticism and almost stoic acceptance in which the Romanovs seemed to show towards their nearing end.
They seemed have known it was coming, but letting it arrive without putting up a fight, trusting it was somehow god`s will.

Masterfully Jeweled Easter Egg pieces, an unofficial symbol of this close-nit family, were commissioned  every year  by the Czar to the  Master Jeweler house of Faberge`, as a gift to his beloved wife.
The Jeweler himself would inspect the final product persnally before presenting the Czar with a new egg shaped treasure that holds a Romanov Family themed treasure inside (a miniature of the queen`s carriage, the imperial navy ship,  the family portrait, the Czar himself on horseback…)

I think the story of this family is especially touching due to their closeness as a family, the great love between the Czar and his wife, and between them and their five children.
Alexei was the youngest, and only hair to The Romanov. He was hemophiliac and kept pampered and spoiled by both his parents and elder sisters. Perhaps treated as delicately as would an Imperial Egg be handled :)

The bones of Alexei and Anastasia,finally came to rest, two relics of a Russian era that ended with their death.  I`ve used the elements of Faberge` jeweling to try and tell their stories.

Saying this, I`de still like to make emphasis, these dolls do not portray the real Romanov children, Alexei and Anastasia, they portray the spirits of romanticism and myth surrounding their life and death, in my eyes :)

Alexei  Anastasia Blueblood

Tiny Porcelain hands

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATried taking photos of these tiny porcelain hands, as I just finished the 5th paint fire on them .

( due to my poor photo skills or the limit of my lens, I just could not make out all the tiny detail on the fingers, and fingernails.)

looking forwards to fit them on their new tiny bodies :)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA