Happy new year & a quick update on the new AEdoll catalogue

I have been receiving mails regarding the coming catalogue, and the exact publishing date,
and so I thought I aught to place a quick post about this issue – –
There has been a slight delay in the catalogue publishing date due to some personal circumstances,
due to which I had hardly any free time to spare for continuing the editing work.
However, editing is already in it`s final stages, so I feel safe to say that it will be already available on site, during the first half of January 2012.
I`m sorry for the delay, as I know everyone`s been waiting,  but if there are questions coming up, you know you can always mail me directly at – marmite_sue@hotmail.com
and I will keep you updated with the latest doll order information.
Apart from this, I still have much up my sleeve with new doll projects, an exhibition, and yes, new faces for AEdoll – all planned for the first half of 2012 – so there is much to look forward to from the coming new year –
Keeping things secret is hard, but I will be able to share at least some them with you very soon – so do keep tuned 😉
Happy holidays everyone!