Angel Egg Doll Custom Order Catalogue


This is the all new order catalogue for Angel Egg doll, now available in either Flash or PDF formats.

(Please notice the PDF version right now, is only available as an external link, to cut down on the download time,

until I find a faster server than the one hosting this site right now.)

Flash version download=> 5.11 MB Interactive page turning ebook (may take a while to load,  so please be patient)

PDF version download => 18.5 MB (higher quality) Viewable ebook

If there is some kind of problem with downloading either versions, please leave a comment on this blog topic.


As for the catalogue itself:

This Catalogue has quite extensive information regarding most of the options when puting together a custom order for

an Angel Egg doll.

Several new order features are:

1. AEdolls can be ordered as either a package, or a mix and match order  (see page 21 )

2. Heads/faces can be ordered separately, all fiting the same base AEdoll body (see page 8 )

3. AE doll faces are an ongoing project, meaning that every now and then I will be updating the catalogue with a new face option for AEdoll, so please  always make sure that you are looking at the most recent version.

4. An advanced AE doll feature is a custom expression ordering option, featuring ‘Open eyes’, ‘sleeping eyes’, `Dreamy eyes`, `pouted lips showing teeth`. (see page 13)

5. A new AE doll feature is an all together custom face ordering option, sculpted according to a front and side photo of a model of  choise. (see page 13)

These are a few pointers, but there is much much more inside, so grab your copy and take a peek!
If you don`t happen to find the the information you are looking for, in the catalogue itself,
please feel free to mail me at, I`ll be happy to fill you in.