AEDoll Changeable face gift – for every new doll order

One of the features I am most excited about, in the new AEdoll, is her unique face changing ability.
I`ve explaind about it a little in my previous posts, and those that had a chance to read the catalogue,
might have came across this information too.
But now, in face of the wonderful reviews I`ve been receiving from owners of AEdolls with the new system installed,
I would love to introduce this system  to everyone first hand.
And so, in order to let as many people as possible have the chance to experience AEdoll`s unique head changing system themselves,

I`ve decided to add one extra changeable AEdoll face of your choicefor FREE, to each custom doll order made until the end of February 2012.
This free face will Include:
  • AEdoll changeable face of your choice (`Noi`, `Willa` or`Luna`)
  • A custom china paint face-up
  • A pair of custom colour choice eyes (AEPorcelain/AESilicon)
  • A pair of eyelashes
And just so you know what exactly it is you are getting, here is a short introduction to this new feature:


From AEdoll catalogue ( Page. 8 )

“Angel Egg doll has a Unique face changing system developed in order to allow a simple and quick change of face without having to tackle the complex stringing mechanism inside.
Each AE doll will arrive nude with one face, and a set-up for face changing.
Extra faces can be purchased separately, allowing the one base body to take on completely different characters, when wearing different faces.”
“This can be particularly useful during photo-sessions, as taking off her face, is as simple as taking off her wig.
It is possible to make an easy model change without moving her body from the desired pose, and continue shooting with a new face. This method could allow creation of a simple animation clip, or just for versatility of expression in photography.”