Angel Egg Birthday Doll Give Away!


This week we`re celebrating Angel Egg doll`s very first Bday!
It has been an amazing and busy year for her, and it  feels like a big occasion, especially now at the opening of a new and probably even busier year, with many new projects and exhibitions planned her way-
However, I can`t think of the future without thinking always, how grateful I am, for all the kind following Angel Egg doll has been receiving, already since her very beginnings.


And so, as a thank you for this support, I`ve decided to give away one, very special Angel Egg doll, to the one lucky supporter of choice!


She is a `Little Lace` Angel Egg girl, wearing a changeable `Willa` face with a china paint face-up, a pair of AEPorcelain eyes, and a light blond, styled, human hair wig.


Now, In order to make a fair choice, I`ve decided to hand her, to the one that proves to be her most devoted supporter, helping to spread the word about Angel egg dolls, and therefore most deserving of this special girl.
In order to figure out who this person is, I`ve came up with the following plan:

All you have to do is to write a  personal review about Angel Egg doll, introduce her to the world, and let people know why you love her.
Letting us into your thoughts on why she is special to you.
Post your review on your blog, facebook fage, doll/art related forums and other related social networks, you usually visit.
 please make sure you are writing to a relevant and attentive ordinance that will read your review, and so it doesn`t become off topic.
Make sure to post a link from your review to this page
That`s it!
Now send an email to marmite-sue with your name, and refferal link from which you`ve made the review,
and you`ll have a chance to win your very own Angel Egg doll!


Submission Guidelines:


1. Think well about what you would like to write in your review, what are the features of Angel Egg doll you personally love, and think people will also learn to love when they come to know her.
As her spokes-person, remember to present her elegantly, using your own words in writing.


2. Write your review while thinking of presentation.
Also, It will be possible to use any of the photos from AEdoll Gallery and
AEorder Gallery on this site for your presentation.
Please do not direct link the images, but copy them to your computer and upload them on to the server to which you are placing your review.


*Possible to hand in multipul reviews, but no more than 1 review posted per forum or community on different web locations (We don’t want your multiple links to be mistaken for spam!)


3. Add a clear link from your review, in order to direct your readers to this web page:


4. Considering you are a dedicated fan of AEdoll, I suggest you `like` marmite-sues’ Facebook page, and `follow` her on her Twitter – this isn`t a must, but can be a convincing pointer in the final winner`s decision.


5. Write marmite-sue an email onmarmite_sue@hotmail.comincluding your name, and the link referral address to your review, so I will be able to assess your written review.
Also don`t forget to let me know your user name if you are `liking` or `Following` marmite-sue on Facebook and Twitter (as this would be a clear bonus, adding point during judgement).


6. Submissions accepted from TODAY, until 15 March 2012.
7. I reserve the right to disqualify an entry, without notice, if it does not comply with the guidelines presented in the rules above.
Writing pointers:


– Remember:
It will be the review composition against the reader reaction to your review, when judging your submission. So please remember, we are talking about a quality review, and not random and/or repetitive links.

You don`t have to write in English, if your readers read a different language, but I will ask you send me a clear translation of your review, into English for assessment.


– If you are writing on a closed server, where only members of a community can read your review, send an exact copy of your review to my mail for assessment, or let me have access to the server in order to asses your writings.
Submission links are to be sent to


Good luck everyone,
I`ll be looking forward to reading your reviews!



I will also be handing a few smaller Angel Egg doll related prizes to reviews that spark originality, or introduce
an interesting perspective, posted on personal blogs!
I still haven’t decided what the prises will be, and how many blog posts will be awarded –
But I will keep you posted in the next couple of weeks.
So go ahead, sharpen up your writing skills – I can`t wait to see what you will be coming up with!