‘teaspoon’ and other news

A small clip I`ve made a little while back while testing the possibility of changing heads on one of my dolls for photography (I used two faces for this one,
one with eyes closed, the other with normal wide open style).
Quite jerky, and a very low frame rate – I was only testing it out as a sample, but It does show potential I think.
Next time I`m gonna try something a little more ambitious with hopefully a few more expressions, if I ever get the time that is –
porcelain is just so time consuming 🙂

About the recent contest – I`ve been getting some wonderful entries, and it`s a real heart warmer, to know people are going through so much effort to spread the word about Angel Egg dolls.
Thank you to the early birds that sent their entries already – and to those who haven’t yet –  you still have time to think up something nice, and post it –

Dead End March 15,

entries to be sent to marmite_sue@hotmail.com,

(contest terms are on this post)

– and you`ll have a chance to win your very own angel egg doll!

Apart from this, there is actually quite allot of news cooking –
One pointer will be – RESIN
Sadly I can`t add more info for now – –
but I do promise to keep everyone updated on this development, along with several other exciting news I`ve yet to mention,
I will once I have something a little more concrete at hand to show 😉



5 thoughts on “‘teaspoon’ and other news

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    This was a great little clip. I really enjoyed the use of the closed eyes face. It actually really makes a difference in a lifelike appearance. I would love to see a video of the doll being ‘played’ with, to show her joints in motion.

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    Sure! I`ll try to publish something like that too, once I have a little time on my hands~

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    I absolutely love the tea-spoon clip 😮 I’ve re-watched over and over, and it never fails to captivate me. Your dolls have such a unique way of looking alive, and seeing one ‘move’ is like a dream coming true. And resin! Wow! I’m very excited to learn more about this 🙂 It is my greatest dire to own one of your girls one day and that just may bring me a few steps closer 🙂 Many greetings from Germany!

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    I`ll be posting updates on the Resin dolls once I have something more concrete at hands – but they are in the making, and if all goes well, could be available or pre-orders next month already 😉

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