Gallery update and some new projects~

First, I`d just like to mention that the resin doll section in the gallery is finally UP.
Also you can now find most basic order information and recent Q/A gathered in the pre-order section.

between porcelain doll comissions, I could still advance with several new projects lately;
For one, new options for the resin AEdoll sculpt~ (yes, many new exciting designs and options fitting this doll, are already being put to the making) so you can already look forward to that.
One more project involves a doll in the spirit of my `Milk` sculpt for marmite-sue.
This doll is planned for both porcelain and resin (resin being a larger 60~cm tall sculpt).
I won`t be able to add much further about all this right now, but it won`t be long now before you will all find out, anyway.
Besides these, I have 4-5 different other projects just lying around right now looking at me with big soggy `what about me??` eyes – I do hope to somehow find the time get those on the road as well.

As for porcelain news, (as some people already know about this by now), I`ll am releasing a smaller porcelain AEdoll version, photos are due soon, so please look forwards to this too.

Resin Angel Egg contest results will be announced on this blog on the 12th-13th of this month.
People have went though so much effort to help spread the word about the new resin line,
so it seems I`m going to have an awfully tough choice to make…. oh oh oh *o*


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