JENNY FAX exhibition and Merry-Go-Round first look/3月エキジビション情報

3月6日(水)~3月19日(火)まで 伊勢丹新宿店本館でジェニーファックスのファッションイベント(東京ファッションウィーク)が行われます。そこで、ジェニーファックスのサポートとして、私の人形を展示します。
ファッションに詳しい方は御存知と思いますが、ジェニーファックス (Jenny Fax) は東京ファッションウィークでメディアが最も注目しているといわれている新しいデザイナーブランドです・・・。私自身もお気に入りのブランドです!

Jenny Fax Farm



On March 6th,  I will be be taking part in the JENNY FAX installation at Isetan department store in Tokyo.

This is a Fashion event taking place as part of Tokyo Fashion Week, and I have been very lucky to be invited to support Jenny Fax Designer  Brand installation at Isetan department store in Tokyo Shinjuku.

*About Jenny Fax;

At Tokyo Fashion Week, Jenny Fax has been receiving all raving reviews for the last seasons successively. The Designer Jen Fang Shueh was coined to be `most exciting Tokyo design talent of the moment` by  Dazed & Confused, and is regarded same by many other fashion media.  This not mention a personal favorite of my own (a big fan, and I can`t wait to see what she will be showing this season).

At the event  I will be exhibiting several  one of a kind Resin Angel Egg dolls, Most will be up for sale.

Jenny Fax Farm

*Isetan Shinjuku 2nd floor Center Park /Tokyo Kaihouku (Tokyo Japan)

* Will be showing from 6th -19th of  March

One of the dolls on display will be `Merry Go-Round`