“eggshells” and some news about the resin line…


In the photo; some newly fired porcelain parts from a couple of recent projects;

These pictures were taken soon after these porcelain doll pieces came out of the kiln, as I was just ecstatic that I could fire them so perfectly;

You see, usually porcelain pieces as delicate and finely carved such as these tend to distort or crack while firing. Porcelain is extremely fragile at the state that it is being carved out, (a bit like eggshell, l) so it needs extreme skill and practice to make such carvings without causing invisible cracks inside the material, as those turn later into cracks that will appear only after the firing. Basically having pieces like this fire so nicely is a bit like a little miracle, that I still rejoice at it every time it happens.

The project on the left is a chest piece shaped inspired by bonzai gardens ( the parts shown above it are from the head dress I eventually used for `Little Dragon`  – – I now have a different idea in mind for this girl), the other on the right is inspired by cotton bone-lace, she also has beautiful lace carved limbs resembling my `Dentelle in Pink`  but also has a few unique parts, I`m really aching to get finished.

I’m now working for another gallery show at the end of the year, and if I’m lucky and all goes well I hope to also get one or both of these girls ready by then, but many things can still go wrong before I finish firing all the parts, so I’m just going to have to keep my fingers crossed in the mean time and do a bit of praying perhaps.

BTW I’d also like to take this opportunity to say, there will soon be a blog post about the resin line, with a pre-order announced! so keep tuned this month, and I will fill in you as soon as I have some concrete dates and samples!


A few more `work in progress` pics;



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  1. Oh, those pieces are fantastic! Your carving and embellishments are becoming finer and more detailed every time, I love it! I very much look forward to seeing more progress photos, and the finished dolls. I’m also very excited for news on the resin girls, I wonder what new amazing things you have been cooking up.

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