58cm girl (in the making) and a Secret…

I took some test photos of this 58cm girl, to get an idea of how she photographs, as well as checking the balance / composition of the ornament work on her body, and enjoyed her first photos so much that I decided to share one here.


She is still rough, and I have quite a bit of finishings still left to take care of, but , I `m already so in love with the way her hands and feet have came out. ( reminding me I must take some specific photos of the high heel feet, they are the cutest thing). Also there is something about her presence, perhaps due to  amount of detail work I could put into her body with this size   – –  she just feels like she is breathing…

I`m really looking forwards to start her first test painting, which I`m hoping to do this week, in any spare time I can make. This will also help me to check the composition as well as her face, which I`m also loving already, but will never be able to be positive about until it`s painted at least once.

By the way, she has a little secret in her tummy,,,, one I`ve been visioning, planning, waiting for the opportunity to make for years, figuring out the construction and preparing for months, and then finally putting it all together this week;

since it`ll be best to show in her painted state, I`ll reveal it then…

or perhaps taking a good look at her waist, you can guess already…….? :))

EDIT: Someone on flickr asked if I could share my inspirations for  making this doll, and since she is based on some sketches from my school years, and since don`t have my old sketchbooks with me now, I thought it would be fun to put together a new inspiration board for her, to show all my influences, back then and now as well :


..as well as this little girl  – she is precious!


and oh, I guess she is in there too, of course…


***By The Way! this is all a development, following recent work I`ve been already putting into my Base Body for what was a porcelain doll called `White Dentelle` (completed in Christmas last year).

I released her snapshot, (still unassembled state) on facebook the other day;




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  1. Hi Schnookie – I loved going thru this section. Your new work is beautiful – and I love the carousel!! Also saw the final product!

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