Fabergé – music (box) girl


`Faberge`, is a new body type for Marmite Sue dolls.


Her prototype test is 58cm however the doll will shrink up to %15~ to make a roughly 50~cm porcelain doll after casting and firing. Her body is inspired by the decoration style of street organs/ music boxes, and her proportion/ silhouette are reminiscent of 17th century dolls. you can see some inspiration photos for her and her prototype in this previous post.

She has high heel feet and a slim waist with a window in it, there is a special compartment in her stomach fitting a small cillendar based musical mechanism similar to that of music boxes. She has a small key in her stomach that enables to wind the mechanism up to both play a tune and make a tiny carousel in her waist turn.

Even after shrinking to around 50cm she will probably feel quite large due to her childish proportions, however it is the minimum size required for allowing enough room to fit the musical mechanism.

Personally I love having her larger, it gives her a sense of human presence that smaller dolls do not have (I love large dolls!) –  however I do have plans of casting her one more time so she shrinks to around 40cm in size, a more standard size, for a more affordable doll, though she will no longer be large enough for installing a music mechanism.

This girl in the photo is actually the original 58cm size resin prototype I`ve cast, and painted for testing. I was hoping to be able to take a video of her to show the movement of the carousel in her all ready, however since she is too large (the fit to the mechanism is planned for the body size after casting porcelain), the space in her is too large, and it`s difficult to secure the parts – but I did take a small test clip;


by securing it a little with tape in the back, but it`s not secure enough to show precise movement – I guess the first time I will be able to play her perfectly – will be only after I cast the first porcelain doll of her kind – – I`ve been planning to make such a doll for so many years, I guess I can wait a few months longer to finally see this little dream happening.



The Inspiration board I`ve posted here before, when I just finished the prototype: