I`ve finished putting up my installation at Bunkamura Gallery yesterday Afternoon, and the opening is from today (30th).

I was so lucky to be able to meet many Artists I`ve been admiring from afar for years.

My heart was illiterately fluttering to able to meet Artist/doll maker Koitsukihime in person.

Her work has been a main point of influence and inspiration to me for many years, and was probably the main force in pulling me away from my fashion design studies, and into the doll making world. Her dolls in real life are several times more moving then in the photos, and I always seem to discover some new detail. Her porcelain work is of course, perfection. This time, her new work at Bunkamura has a new taste to it, something more oriental, she looks like a beautiful child Shiva Goddess, with that classic Koitsukihime illusive smile.

One other memorable work (and encounter) was that of Kaoru Mori , Her doll installation at Span Art, desolves/desintegrates into a pig`s skull. Incredibly moving. I`ve seen this work before on Parabolica.bis`s site, but seeing it in person, brought on a wave of goosebumps, no words to how moving it was. I recommend going to see it if possible, I`m sorry, I  didn`t take any photos of it or any other works, as I was not sure if possible or not, but you can see a photo of it on her twitter account https://twitter.com/kaoru_mori (background photo).

I was also so happy to meet Mari Shimizu, I always gasp at her character making and story telling abilities. Each one of her dolls is a window to a beautiful new world of her imagination. I`ve seen some of her dolls last year, but could only get the chance to finally meet her in person yesterday.

As for my installation, I have already introduced `Merry` last week, but I could also get a porcelain doll ready in time, `Angel`. I`ll post closeup photos on this blog in a couple hours time 🙂

bunkamura1  bunkamura2

Angel (34cm tall porcelain doll)bunkamura3