Exciting News!

I`ve been away from the internet and this blog for the last few months, as you may have noticed. I was planning to start an order for two type of dolls the last months, but due to many turns of events, including some health issues, catching up with orders, and then the work for my coming exhibition this Christmas were all getting in the way.

But then there was actually one more thing happening, a beautiful and exciting thing, that I was hoping for and working for, for months and then just one day, suddenly happened (I`m sorry I could not keep you updated about it until now).

For years I`ve been very much frustrated with the materials that I had available to work with as a doll maker.

My love for beautiful porcelain brought me though a tough and sometimes heartbreaking road of learning its secrets, and gaining experience to be able to master it,

Once I have been able to make porcelain my own, the beauty of it was giving me happiness and content I never felt before towards an art medium. However I have learnt to know that though all would agree that porcelain is the loveliest material, many people seem apprehensive about it, fearing the dreaded heartache in the case that it might heaven forbid, fall and shatter.

For years I have been boggled with this question; would it not be possible to come up with a strong durable and shock resistant material that would also share the immortal beauty of porcelain ?

Today I feel extremely excited and proud to be able to say YES!!

I could hardly believe it myself, but yes, it is possible.

My brilliant father , that happens to be a chief chemist as well as a darling of a  man, came to my rescue. With his great expertise and my ceramic knowledge, we came up with a brand new ceramic material, which completely outshone my expectations.

I was hoping for something that would be as nice and as long lasting as porcelain, but to my incredible delight, we could actually come up with a material that is entirely beautiful in it`s own right. Featuring such versatility, grater grades of translucency, and then in contrast to it`s pure and fragile looks, it has strength and yes, unlike most ceramics, it has shock resistance, and will not shatter. Added to this, it is high grade archival, and will keep a long lasting if not eternal beauty.

I paint this new material with my china paints, they are permanently bonded to the ceramic, never fading or pealing. The material itself, I repeat – is shock absorbing.

We are now in the process of patenting this invention, and this is also part of the reason why this announcement took some time to appear on this blog, but I plan to show first pieces cast in it this Christmas, and finally start thinking of making an official order, somewhere next year (?).

I`ve taken some photos of two head samples cast in this ceramic (still looking for a name for this material!). The head on the left has a pearl like natural finish, while the head on the right is almost transparent. Both are cast in the same material, with a different finishing technique.

Below you will also see the pearl face painted with china paints.The painting itself is rough, as I was only thinking of it as a test when working, but the photos came out nice enough, so I decided to publish them as well.

I think we can all get pretty excited now, I know I am. My mind is racing these days with all the beautiful things I could now create, taking advantage of all it`s beautiful new qualities, and well, it evokes such lovely names I cannot choose which to use. I must think!

By the way, with all that have been happening, I`ve been very bad and neglected my mail box almost entirely of late! If you have been sending questions about orders etc.I will try to get back to you soon, I might even be able to start a waiting list for this new ceramic, if you write to me about it, just depending on the time I can make to take the orders…