Moonglass (and waiting list)

Moonglass – because the ceramic looks like what the moon is made of (the pearly/silvery one in the night sky). And `glass` because of the great level of translucency possible to achieve with it.

I had this name in my heart over the last months, and since everyone that heard it and saw the casts seemed to agree, and since my father seems to like it too, that`s what it`s called from now on!

Thank you for all the lovely mails and congratulations wishes about this new material, and waiting list requests!

I am now trying to reply all mails, but it`s taking quite a toll on my time, so please if you would like to be on the waiting list, and be the first to be able to order the first Moonglass dolls, please send your mail with `Moonglass waiting list` in the title, and I will automatically add you to the waiting list. So please rest assured, that If you sent a mail (preferably my hotmail address) you are already on this list, even if I did not reply right away 🙂

Some Moonglass traits:

high casting detail, cold and heavy to the touch, can be cast as thin as porcelain, high translucency, shatter resilient, strong (comparable to the strength of most rigid plastics), non toxic (but not a children`s toy, these are collectible dolls), green to the environment.

There seems to already be some rumor about the dolls being unbreakable  – this is untrue, and I do not claim this – please no throwing of dolls on the floor, I put allot of work into them!  but yes, unbreakable for all practical purpose of normal use, and yes, no shattering on any unfortunate collision impact.

Edit: answering questions: yes it is Ceramic, and no, not a plastic 🙂