Update regarding Moonglass orders 2015~2016


I`m sorry for the lack of online updates for a while. I`ve been though several tough months after a production failure that struck around August last year (you can read about it here).

Orders directly affected by this occurrence were notified,

and work is back on track now.

However please understand that due to this occurrence there is a delay might eco throughout all orders planned to ship this year (2017 and 2018 orders will not be affected). I will contact each order in turn with new shipping dates as soon as I can asses them. Please expect a possibility of up to a 4 months delay to any of this year`s orders, considering our work pace right now, but since I will have some more help coming soon, I believe we will be able to narrow down this delay over the course of the next months.


I just would like to ask for everyone`s continued patience and understanding about this situation; Moonglass and Shell dolls are coming up, they are gorgeous, and they will find their way to their homes soon – I have been receiving much delight and praise about these girls from the people that have already received their dolls.


Of late I could also make a small adjustment to the slip for an even smoother silkyer texture to the final result, I think these dolls will easily make anyone understand why Moonglass and shell are best and most beautiful  cutting edge materials for dolls.