Moonglass girls

I have had no time to update the internet at all, trying to get all dolls shipped out and close up on the delay gap,
But I have been photographing some of the moonglass girls as I was shipping out to clients, all seem to have their own particular character, and photograph a little differently so its great fun. Ill try to edit at least some photos and post in the next few weeks.
I anyway believe I`ll be able to update more often now, as most of the moonglass girls from the first two orders have either already shipped out, or will ship this month.
Alice Egg girls and Shell dolls will still take a few more months, as I mentioned earlier this year, there is a delay that is affecting all of the orders this year (but should not affect the ones scheduled for next year) –
Stay put, I promise these girls will be super special.

Lan (Left) & Alice (Right)