August 2015

*Just to mention that Production is now back on track and we are catching up on our schedule.

We are mixing Moonglass ourselves here in the studio, and apparently there has been an iron contamination from the mixing equipment we were using. By the time we found this out, practically all dolls produced at the time were cast from slip mixed with this equipment, and though the slip looked clean, and all Moonglass firings came out clean, black specs started appearing in the final paint firings.


Moonglass painting is a very similar process to painting porcelain. It takes many fine coats of glass powder paint to reach a depth of shade, each coat is followed by a high fire session  in a kiln for fixing. It can take up to 6~7 firings of a single piece to reach the depths of colour wished for.


Little to say how devastating it was. Here I was getting all these beautiful dolls ready, painting all perfect, and due to such technically, nothing was left to be done but throw the poor doll parts away.


All I can say is that in the midst of that desperation, I received allot of understanding and support from you kind people that placed the orders, thank you for allowing me the time to remake these Moonglass girls for you.


It has taken almost 6 months to remake all the dolls, as we had to re-arrange our mixing as well as work methods, but I can now say that all dolls of that batch have been either shipped already, or are being painted as I`m writing this. (the small Angel Egg dolls are all done, it`s the larger Marmite Sue dolls that are still taking a little longer)


All are looking beautiful and are being shipped out one by one.

It was a first time experience for us to both produce the dolls and the clay they are made of, I guess this was a beginners lesson.
However, as I have mentioned, production is now back on track, and even amongst all this craziness , I kept looking at the result Moonglass dolls to be reminded as to how much it is worth it. I`m so glad I decided to make the change, and start producing the Moonglass line. I truly believe that any doll lover that will have a chance to see these dolls in person should think so as well.