New Resilient Ceramics for Menagerie Dolls


I have been busy at work for the last year developing brand new ceramic materials for creating Menagerie Dolls.

I`m extremely proud to finally be able to introduce two new beautiful yet resilient materials, now available for my dolls. `Shell` & `Moonglass`

‘Shell’ has a porcelain like look、 while `Moonglass` has more of a milky glass look. These are high quality materials that like ceramic, will never change color over time, but unlike ceramic, will not shatter as easily.

Read about this discovery on my blog.

By the way, I`ve received some questions about the Material Finish options; both materials are produced in either a Matte or a Shiny Finish.

Also, please see that this comparison shows both materials at their utmost clarity level.

I have complete control of the clarity level. I might not choose to make dolls this transparent usually,  but I have the possibility to use this clarity level for accessories, and perhaps for special dolls.

For doll pricing information and doll orders please contact me directly via email.